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Led by Prof. Florin Baeriswyl, ISIB is a brand education institute whose objective is to provide Executive Branding in China. ISIB focuses on hands-on experience.

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ISIB is committed to building a globle communication platform for top brand enterprises and professionals

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About ISIB

  • Led by Prof. Florin Baeriswyl, the Institute of Swiss International Branding (ISIB) is a brand education institute with the objective to provide a 4-year undergraduate degree to teach advanced concepts of brand strategy and management in China. The ISIB combines advanced methodologies and case studies, global brand experience and hands-on application knowledge to nurture talents in the industry. Students not only acquire knowledge, but also obtain know-how and experience through real business cases.

  • Industry related case projects are the most valuable compulsory modules of the whole curriculum, which reflects ISIB’s core teaching philosophy - the Swiss dual system of education where every technique, concept, and theory learned in class is trained and tested in a real-world setup. The project will then be further discussed and evolved by students in depth. Students will be able to have a better understanding of how branding is implemented in different industries and applications.

  • Most of our teachers have an international background, and related work experience. They can well convey knowledge and learning experience to students, and will guide students step-by-step into the branding world with inspiration and creativities to inspire them in a creative way. Practitioners from internationally famous domestic branding companies will be invited as guest teachers to broaden students’ knowledge horizons.

  • For companies, ISIB provides an interesting platform to access

    - Selected new talents

    - Branding platform

    - Cooperation on a professional level

  • Swiss Dual Education System: An educational system integrating enterprises and institutes as well as practice and theory, with the goal of enhancing the graduates’competitiveness.

  • Combination of basic and advanced knowledge: Combining the courses at bachelor and master degree levels with cutting edge knowledge.

  • Multi-industrial Case Studies: Building practical know-how through complete brand-building process studies as well as gaining hands-on experience of trials and errors.

  • No gap between internship and workplace: Great opportunities for students to practice their branding knowledge by working with top European brand enterprises.

  • Experience through expertise of global masters in other industries: Cooperation with institutes founded by other industrial masters in the world, enabling our graduates to become comprehensive brand elites.

  • College graduates this year will be more than 7,270,000 and employment pressure of college graduates is further increasing, so this year is also called "the most difficult year to find a job".

  • How China enterprises walk out of predicament to survive and further develop moving towards the world is becoming extremely essential. Focusing on product and sales and market is no longer compatible. Instead, the value of enterprise brand shall be the key. For example, the value of Coca-Cola’s brand in the market cap is about 750 million which is about 75%. Therefore, brand strategy and management for enterprises’ sur- vival and long-term development is extremely significant.

  • Our course focuses on case-study teaching, inviting entrepreneurs at home and aboard into the classroom, and face-to-face talking with students regarding the enterprise sur-vival status and market demand of branding professions, and making communication opportunities with enterprises from European industry which makes up the blank in the fields of both education and market in China. Our graduates will be brand professionals who can join industry and market immediately with an international vision.

  • Florin Baeriswyl is a Professor of Brand Strategy and Design. He founded dai in 1987. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, dai is a design and brand consultancy like no other.

  • His creative background enables Florin to convey a holistic view of brands and markets – a view rooted in innovation. From strategic positioning to implementation in the marketplace, he creates integrated experiences that translate to real brand value. Florin has helped clients as diverse as Nestlé, Swissair, USM, Red Bull and Deutsche Bank strengthen their brand propositions, and has been recognized with multiple international awards. In recognition of his outstanding abilities, he was invited to join the DeTao Group in 2012 as a Master in Brand Strategy, becoming the only Swiss professor amongst a group of masters hailing from across the globe.


To obtain qualification, students are required to complete the internship and thesis as well as all required credits.


Internships enhance the students’ professional competence, allow them to apply their knowledge and skills as well as expand their business contacts with a view to reach employment. Through our expansive network of industries, students are offered the opportunity to join top international brand enterprises for 3 to 6 months.

Bachelor Thesis

The Bachelor thesis will be a well-defined real business branding project: Students are required to apply all knowledge and skills obtained in the courses in order to accomplish it independently and creatively. The thesis can be carried out either within the institute under supervision or in the industry combined with an internship.


SIVA-DeTao Advanced Class, which was jointly created by Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA) and De Tao, ISIB designed and launched a four-year bachelor program (Brand Strategy and Management). Students will obtain a bachelor qualification issued and recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

Our Teachers

Beryl Zou

Reading for her AEMBA (Branding Strategy for Business Development Major) at Kedge Business School. Completed her Bachelor at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, Program Coordinator of “SIVA •DeTao” Class for Brand Strategy and Management.

Matthew Stedman

University of York (BA in English Literature), University of Sheffield (MA in China Studies). Lectured in English Language and Commerce at Beijing Foreign Studies University, Tsinghua University, etc. Ran two businesses in the UK. Consulted on brand identity and messaging for an Award Winning Local Food Service / App in Wales. Has written regular articles on business and branding, with a particular interest in the maturation of China's tea industry. Teaching/research area: International Branding, Business Ethics, the Food and Drinks Market, etc

Elena Paxia

Already holding a Master Degree in Marketing and Corporate Communication, and after working for big advertising agencies, she later completed a second Master Degree in Event management and creativity for Events at the European Design Institute in Milan. Since then has worked in the creative direction of big events, successfully working with clients like Ferrari, Ducati, Adidas, Svarowsky, Italian Consulate, American Chamber of Commerce, Google and many others. Ever on the lookout for innovative ways to teach, she loves sharing her knowledge and experience with her students.

Xiaofang Shen

Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial University, Master of Tourism Management. Collaborated in composition of the book of and authored by Professor GUO, Lufang. Research area: Marketing, Pricing and Distribution, Hotel Marketing and Customer Source Country Profiling.

Jamie Cawley

Master Degree from Oxford University. 35 years in marketing both as a Marketing Director and then with his own company specializing in developing new products for leading brands.

Michael Thomas

St. John’s University (Minnesota, USA), Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Over 9 years of experience in Marketing, Business Development and Sales across a variety of industries. Extensive teaching experience with Management, Corporate, and Business English training.

Jenny Min

Jie (Jenny) Min, MA in Design Management, University of Birmingham City. Research: Advertising Planning and Design, Design Management, Brand Strategy, Enterprise Innovation. Main Teaching: “Advertising Creative and Planning”, “Brand Image Design”, “Design Management”, “Cross Media Communication”, “Design and Copyrighting”, etc.

Belinda Zhou

Belinda Zhou, Master Degree in Art Design, Donghua University, Second Prize of 2010 The Shanghai World Expo Poster Design Competition, engaged in teaching graphic design and visual communication design.

Coco Zhang

Jingwei (Coco) Zhang, Master in International Fashion Retailing, University of Manchester in UK, engaged in teaching Brand Management, Marketing, Marketing Research.

Kede Qin

Mr. Kede Qin, Phd, associate professor, Main courses: Enterprise management, human resources management, introduction to sociology, world economy, regional economics course.

Weihui (David) Dai

Professor at Fudan University’s School of Management. Senior Member of the China Computer Society. Senior Member of the China Society of Technical Economics. Member of the Experts Committee of Shanghai Brand Development Center. Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Management Science and Engineering. Research area: Brand Strategy and Management, e-Business and Internet Marketing, Data Mining and Business Intelligence, Social Neuroscience and Affective Computing.

Cui Feng

Guizhong College of Finance and Economics, a member of the 085 Project . Leader of the key course at Shanghai Business School. Research area: Domestic Finance, International Finance, Domestic Investment, International Investment, Securities Investment Analysis, Securities Trading, Statistics.

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For direct access to Detao, enter the campus at the North Gate,Wenhui Road #699. For a scenic drive through campus, enter from the main gate at Wenxiang Road #2200. Please tell security you are visiting Detao. On campus, all spots are available for parking.

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Walk 10 meters from Songjiang University Town to Songjiang Terminal Center Station ,take Songjiang Road 18 or Songxing B Line and get off at Longyuan Road Wenhui Road,walk to Shanghai Institute of Viasual Arts.

ISIB is committed to educate the students within a context of their future professional life.

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