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Japan Pavilion Expo Shanghai 2010

Pavilion Preview

Theme:  Harmony of the Hearts, Harmony of the Skills
Highlights:  Breathing Organism
National Pavilion Day:  12 June
Pavilion Area:  Around 6,000 Square Meters
Location:  Within Zone A of the Expo site

The Japan Pavilion is a semi-circular structure, covered by a purple membrane material. Several antennae and caves made the pavilion a “breathing organism,” which expressed the harmony between the human heart and technology. The pavilion has been dubbed “Purple Silkworm Island” by Chinese people.

Comprehensive Space Planning of Architecture-City-Environment

In recent years, Chinese construction industry has been developing rapidly than ever. A thriving prosperity makes China a huge construction site. While significant progresses have been made in Chinese construction industry, there have been increasing concerns about the large energy consuption, the low energy efficiency and fast growth use in constructions. Besides the objective factors, the lack of competent architecture designing talents is also an issue that cannot be ignored. DeTao invites Professor Yutaka Hikosaka, the Producer and Architect of Japan Pavilion 2010 Shanghai World Expo, to establish the Green Architecture Designing Studio. With the support of SIVA, DeTao and Professor Hikosaka will provide a course of venue and green architecture designing to promote the nurture of high-end talents for the construction industry.

DeTao Series Books – Collections of Master Yutaka Hikosaka

DeTao Series Books

Book Name:Collections of Master Yutaka Hikosaka

Author:Yutaka Hikosaka [Japanese]

Publication:Chinese Development Press

Standard Book Number:ISBN 978-7-80234-730-4

Book Size:787 × 1092 mm 1/16

Edition:2012-01, 1st ed.

DeTao Series Books are written by experts (DeTao Masters) in a wide variety of industries and professions. The Series Books strive to collect and inherit deeply these masters’wisdom and experience, reflecting a true process of productive forces transforming into knowledge and knowledge redeveloping into productive forces.

The author of this book is DeTao Master of Green Building Design Professor Yutaka Hikosaka, in which we will see the master’s brilliant works and his creative concepts and unique ideas in aspects of architecture and urban design.

The wisdom and experience of authors of DeTao Series Books will exactly provide learners a new inspiration and harvest. In light of these books, we will achieve great solutions in a variety of industries with different scientific methods, wide views and more creative inspiration.

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