The Master Studio of Professor Roy Ascott is located on the 8th floor of the De Tao building in SIVA, Shanghai, and consists of the main office of the Master, the academic staff office, as well a conference room, and other meeting areas. The studio features a large interactive tabletop, for the studio’s local, regional and international networked meetings and project developments. The Master's studio will host presentations by guest speakers, and advanced course seminars and tutorials. The BA Technoetic Arts is designed to prepare students for a career in the field of new media arts. Technoetic Arts however is not only concerned with the new, but also in anticipating the future, as well as utilizing whatever has proven useful in the past.

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  • Roy Ascott wins a Golden Nica

    (Spet. 18, 2014)Visionary Pioneers of Media Art is the Prix Ars Electronica’s new category debuting in 2014. It’s designed to honor individuals responsible for momentous, groundbreaking achievements—men and women whose artistic creativity and experimentation have not only laid the groundwork for media art as we know it today but also made key contributions to our […]

  • DeTao Master of Technoetic Arts Professor Roy Ascott Gives Lecture at SIVA

    (Shanghai, Oct. 10th) On the afternoon of Oct. 10th, 2012, Professor Roy Ascott, DeTao Master of Technoetic Arts, gave a lecture at Shanghai Institute of Visual Art. He won a burst of applause and enthusiastic cheers when he entered Room 107 of Yifei Building. At the invitation of SIVA College of New Media Art, College […]

  • Roy Ascott @ the 9th Shanghai Biennale in 2012

    Roy Ascott is internationally recognized as the pioneer and seminal theorist of cybernetic and telematic art. His work focuses on the impact of digital and telecommunications networks on consciousness (technoetics). As artist he has shown at the Venice Biennale, Milan Triennale, Biennale do Mercosul Brazil, European Media Festival, INDAF 2010 Korea, Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris.

  • DeTao Master of Technoetic Arts Professor Roy Ascott Gives Lecture at Shanghai Theater Academy

    (Shanghai, Oct. 11th) After making a hit with his lecture Syncretic Cybernetics: Art in the Time of Change at Shanghai Institute of Visual Art on October 10th, DeTao Master of Technoetic Arts Professor Roy Ascott delivered this lecture again on the afternoon of Oct. 11th at Shanghai Theater Academy. Authorities of Department of Dramatic Literature […]



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